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"I used to suffer from constant back and neck pain, but since I began working with Debra I am more comfortable throughout the day and experience almost no pain. Absolutely incredible and gifted woman."





"I can hardly believe how much one Body Code session helped me; I feel so much better! I have had a lot of physical pain for a long time and I was geting very depressed. I didn't tell Debra anything but she found the problems and started resolving them. I can't wait for the next session!"



I am an enthusiastic client. Debbie is thorough, deliberate, warm, thoughtful, intuitive and helped me a lot . I recommend her to everyone.


Jim Gavin

"Thank you Debbie for your beautiful healing, I can't tell you what an amazing shift I feel. I am grateful."





"A few days back Debbie Wilkins shared her passion, talent, and gift of what her work is with Emotion Code/Body Code. Today I had a session with her that felt as though I received an energetic, psychic, and ancestral bath. Very powerful work and I highly recommend. She is thorough, patient, and intuitive. Thank you so so much!!"



"I feel a profound sense of clarity and peace following on from our session this morning. Ready to face the coming eclipse season with new energy. If you feel at all called towards this work and are ready for a shift I would highly recommend. I know that I will be making a follow up session for sure!" 





"Debra is an amazing healer. Her insight and intuition has helped me through a difficult period of my life and I could not be more thankful."



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