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Schedule a Consultation

Please use the form on the right to contact me via email if you have questions before booking.


To schedule a phone consultation or book a healing session please use the booking tool below. You can choose the day and time that is convenient for you. The time is set to Mountian Time, my time zone, so please keep that in mind when booking and adjust your time accordingly.


I look forward to working with you in your healing journey.

How Does it Work?

Debbie uses her intuitive and psychic abilities combined with specific Emotion Code and Body Code techniques and tools. She is a certified practioner of several healing modalities which gives her great insight and wisdom.


She will go through a process of identifying physical, psychological and emotional energies that are trapped in different parts of the body and creating imbalances, and she then uses a technique to release the trapped energies so that healing can take place.

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Fees & Payment



  • $110 per session


*Sessions are paid for up front via PayPal or Square

Schedule a consultation, Spiritual Reading or Healing Session

The Healing Package is a discount for 5 separate sessions. When booking this you can only choose the first session.  Next sessions will be determined at end of each appointment.

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