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About Debra

My Story


Debra Wilkins is a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. She is also a Deborah King Center certified Life Force Energy Healing practitioner, in addition to being an Angel Reader, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach.


Her study in these areas allows Debra to intuitively understand the issues confronting people which arise out of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical imbalances. Her own experiences with imbalances in these areas, manifesting as pain and unhappiness, and her journey to overcoming this, allow her to intuitively and expertly guide you to achieving balance and self-awareness. This will enable you to discover your strengths and special gifts, and understand the path that must be taken to achieve vitality and confidence. 


Debra believes we all deserve joy in our lives and that there is, without a doubt, a way to achieve this.



When she isn't working with her Energy Healing Practice, Debra enjoys spending her free time with her family and two canine sons. She also enjoys reading, maintaining her veggie garden, and spending time in nature.

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