May 2, 2016

We're always hearing about how we should exercise more and eat right, but many people are finding that there is more to wellness than food and working out. We live in a culture that is very demanding, our jobs are stressful and our time is limited. It seems like we always have too much to do and not enough energy while we are scrambling to pay the bills. IS this a healthy way to live?


Stress is one of the number one contributors to modern illness and stress can come in many forms. Financial stressors are on the top of most people's list. Relationships that cause emotional damage both in the present and past often create energy blocks in the body making it difficult to get well or stay well.


Some of the more hidden stressors of modern life are environmental toxins, pollution, allergens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and even climate conditions. Our bodies have an amazing ability to fight disease and to heal, yet if we are constantly run down the body can't do it's job well.



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